Events industry is constantly growing at a global level, and even more so on the Indian turf. The revenue of the organized events industry in India was estimated to be more than 100 billion Indian rupees in financial year 2021, up from around 66.1 billion Indian rupees in financial year 2018. Yet there is no institution in India excluding Indus Institute of Event Management & Skill Development (IIEMSD), that trains & teaches individuals in a holistic fashion.
The team behind Indus Institute of Event Management & Skill Development (IIEMSD) has been a part of the core events industry at a massive scale, along with being a part of the faculty of numerous event management institutes for the last ten plus years. This is how they came to notice the acute lack of international level quality in education related to the field of event management. To bridge this gap, the highly experienced individuals came together to build an institute that nurtures talent & train today’s youth for the industry of event management that requires a multi-faceted knowledge pool.
Events sector today is continuously evolving & a major contributor towards the Indian economy. It includes everything from social private events & weddings to corporate conferences, award ceremonies and even multiple days travels.
Numerous different companies have come to realise the intricate skills required to create & execute events successfully and the lack of it in their regular employees.
Event management requires a grasp over planning, designing, decor, logistics, catering, wellness, communication, media, accounting and many more skills in order to pull off a full fledged event successfully.
The course at Indus Institute of Event Management & Skill Development (IIEMSD) aims at inculcating each of these skills in our students by taking an all-round approach to education & training, that ensures a professional does not only gain the complete knowledge of the event management vertical.

What we do?

To rectify the massive gap of skilled & creative professionals in India’s events industry, the team took about two years to research and develop a curriculum that has the potential to accept a complete fresher & transform them into an international level event manager & planner, in terms of knowledge, skill as well as practical exposure.

How we work?

IIEMSD offers an industry level progressive performance training in event management & skills to it’s students. Accepting students with a minimum qualification of 12th grade, the course provides a from scratch training for exceptional results. The uniquely designed course is divided in two broad sections, to provide proficiency in event management: Theory Classes – the core classes aim at providing thorough knowledge in terms of management & planning skills. Practical Classes – these classes will focus more on specialisations & niche development for individual students.

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